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Since I meet my husband at 15…dated, got engaged, then married…you can say I bypassed the dating scene all together. Many criticized me for this…I can’t imagine why??? I got to experience the dating world with a mature, stable man in a secure, honest, trust worthy relationship. This made me grow into a strong, whole, independent woman. Why would going through the dating scene, getting heartbroken, lied to, left…benefit me as a person? How would it have helped me in my life. Why must I have experienced this to be a better woman? I have asked myself this many times…this is what the through the ignorance of people had been said to me. Instead, I experienced a healthy dating life with my future husband. One that was solid and ongoing, not off and on like many other dating relationships. We built a foundation and continued to grow it through our dating. This created the woman I am today in a wonderful way.