You hear about the middle child syndrome and I believe birth order personalities are very true and usually spot on…my second born was my easy breezy going little one that wasn’t much of a problem. Besides the solid whining for the first three years of her life, she was that laid back, easy child I had been hoping for as a second born. My first was a handful but maybe I had “paid my dues” and gotten my hard child out of the way with the first one. Of course, like I said, it was the epitome of taking the good with the bad with her. But my second born added such a calming easy flow to the day, that it almost settled my first born to a degree. They were night and day…in every way! From the moment she was born, the first thing I thought was that she looked nothing like her sister. Then it took only about a few weeks to learn that neither was anything about her personality similar to her sister either. One was dark hair brown eyes, olive skin…the other blond hair blue eyes and fair skin. When one was hot the other was cold, when one slept wide open on top of the covers, the other slept curled up under the sheets. Their energy was completely different. My first born was like the energizer bunny while my second was my one to want to go take a nap…so much fun to have such extremes…my Gemini twins!