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Once I committed to save my marriage, with or without my husband’s help, I had to change my demeanor. As in the “Friends” episode where Monica took on a new “breezy” attitude…I too…attempted to maintain a “breezy” demeanor. It’s not exactly in me to be breezy…but what the hell…I will give it a try. All I had to do was give up anything I would have been upset about, complained about, not ask any questions, don’t have a bad response or feeling and put a smile on my face. Not a problem, right. So it’s exactly what I did. No calls at work, don’t ask if he’ll be home for dinner, be happy and cheerful when he says he has to work or be out of town. Sounds simple, right? So I did! And believe it or not, he stayed. My husband in no way shape or form was cheating or even wanting to leave 100% but rather trying to find his way as a business owner, new father, and husband. So he wanted free reign to be all those things…wanted the successful business but the happy family as well. I don’t blame him or fault him. What I did was gave it to him.