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I self healed my heart as many of us do. I didn’t see a therapist, I didn’t talk to friends, I simply did what I needed to do to get through life to mend my broken heart all on my own, alone. Was this the best thing to do, I am not sure but it was what I did for me. So for the next four to five years, I mended my life and my heart to regain the life I knew before. I raised my kids, strenthened my marriage, relocated my family, reopened my business, and extended my family. I knew in the deep part of my soul that my heart would never be the same. Deep down, I knew. I wasn’t afraid to admit it and mentioned it a few times to my sister in law but it was what I needed to do to hold onto my family. I gave up everything for my husband, moved away from my parents and the city we lived in, gave up being close to my business, even gave away all my beloved animals. Was it worth it, hands down yes. I would do it all over again. I could not have fathomed separating from my husband at this time. Not where I was in my life, not for any reason. So with three-fourths of my heart, I moved forward.