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From the time I was told that my husband wanted a separation to six years down the road, I felt every emotion on the gament. Shock, surprise and disbelief were definitely my first strongest emotions. It hit me honestly out of no where. After the shock wore off, I felt mostly desperation, desperation to save my marriage, to keep my husband and fear of the unknown. This was my world, all I knew, all I wanted. That’s how strong and true my love was for my marriage, my husband, ever since I was fifteen. After that passed, I felt anger and hurt. I can’t tell you which one of those emotions prevailed more but definitely felt anger mixed with an unbelievable amount of hurt. How could he do this, where did it come from, why would he hurt me like this. I sat in the anger emotion long enough but realized it wasn’t getting me anywhere. So I moved onto to hope, change, and redirection. I can be what he is asking for, I can be “breezy”. So I rebuilt my life, my marriage, my family.