So with two boys and two girls…life was good. Marriage patched as well as it could have been with being self healed. I enjoyed my family and family life. I wasn’t unhappy but I felt definitely alone. Not lonely, but alone. I had a husband but felt like a single parent. I was not the typical lonely housewife but rather simply felt like I was raising my family alone. My husband was building his business and worked around the clock. I had my two oldest girls ask me where daddy lived at different stages of their early lives. Again, not unhappy but alone. Holidays came and went, birthdays come and go…celebrations done mostly by myself not out of an unhappy separation in the marriage but rather a busy self building husband focusing on his business. So I let it happen, I upheld my role in keeping the family strong and running well while feeling alone in my marriage. I don’t think I can emphasize enough that I felt alone but not lonely. How many women feel this at some point in their marriage especially women raising small children. I never had the 5pm husband who came home and spent that family time. I hadn’t wanted it, it was not my husbands path. He was building a business and I do not regret that, even if it cost us our marriage in the end.