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After months of girl clothes at home, just not in public yet, I was riding the wave. The wave of transgender…unknown and a little unsure, we continued to allow and support the girl attire at home. I had a 16 year old boy babysitter at the time who was there experiencing the entire wave with me. Although my little one wore girl clothes throughout the day, we (meaning my babysitter and I) were committed to supporting this stage…if it was indeed a stage. Then one day…I had my babysitter, Vincent, come over for me to break the news that my little boy was now wearing girl underwear underneath the girl clothes. For some reason, this was much more final for us. This meant business. We knew for sure, this was no longer a stage, and experimental process but an actual a way of life. See, previously my 2 year old son would wear girl clothes in the day (only at the house) and favor all things girl but underneath he still wore boy underwear. Until the final day, when he switched to girl underwear. I knew in this moment that there was no turning back. We had a transgender youth on our hands. So I embraced, prepared, researched and loved my little one to the core!