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Are you lonely or are you alone? I was a married mom of four and I felt alone…not lonely but alone. Being with four children all five years old and under, all day long can be very isolating. I had a husband but at this stage, he was building a business and working 24/7. I didn’t feel the typical bored house wife loneliness but more like I was raising four kids alone. More like a single parent. I spent holidays alone often, birthdays alone often and nights alone often. Not that my husband was a bad guy or any fighting was prevalent but he was just simply absent. And I was alone. My desire was to share the joys of parenthood with someone, laugh with someone, lean on someone, talk about the funny things the kids did that day with someone, but I was alone. I could not communicate that enough to my husband but sometimes a whisper is too loud and sometimes a shout is not loud enough.