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Life as I knew it was…not bad! Not unhappy…filled, busy, productive. Even though I had a husband, I often felt like a single parent because he was not only absent physically but emotionally as well. Not for any other reason other than building a business. He had not checked out of the married, and neither had I. This is why when my heart fell for another, I was surprised! Even when in love with another, I was not unhappy in my marriage. But ultimately, if I had to choose, I could not see my life without my new love. For someone who had been with their husband since 15, I should not have been ready to see my life with another man. My husband was all I knew…life as I knew it. But here I was, in love with another! For a long time, I figured this was my Bridges of Madison County experience. Loving another, knowing he fills my heart but knowing it will never come to fruition. I had a life already….life as I knew it!