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Many people say that the fairytale doesn’t exist in real life, but I am here to say it does. I am not speaking only of love but of the fairytale marriage, life, and love. I lived it…fell in love, married my high school sweet heart, had a beautiful family, all with love and ease. My fairytale did not end, it continued but into a really good fiction. People view divorce as the fairytale ending, the reality that it never existed but that is not true. Divorce did not mean my fairytale didn’t happen or exist, it only meant my story was supposed to have a different ending, or turn so to say. I remarried, not into a fairytale as before but rather a fictional book that you can’t put down. No my husband doesn’t open the door for me, doesn’t remember to bring me flowers, is broken internally in many ways but the fictional story my life is writing is one of intrigue, love, stories within stories, etc. My fairytale evolved into my fascinating fictional story. It is different but equally as wonderful. Don’t lose sight of the greatness that comes from an amazing fiction even if it’s the fairytale you are seeking, it could be your fiction that brings you the joy.