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They say the first cut is the deepest…indeed it is. Having experienced my one true love since I was fifteen, telling me he wanted a separation after six years of dating, five years of marriage, two toddlers and six weeks pregnant…definitely cuts deep. My heart broke for the first time, completely in two.

Second cut scars and remains, but isn’t as deep. Can I manage? Can I forgive? Can I take back?…after infidelity, after knowing a baby of another woman is on it’s way, after the second scar to my heart. I did.

My heart had been broken in two once in my life but it is not a jagged heart, a blackened heart, a hesitant heart. It is open, possible forgiveness, for another thought of love with the man who caused my heart to scar.

Is it because he doesn’t have the ability to be the first cut, or is it because I have had my first cut? I am not a scorned woman and have not allowed my heart to be unforgiving. So I love him and we try again.