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If I decided to stay with this man, the infidelity would be something I would have to wear for all to see.  My four young children, ages now 3-8 years old, would have to be told, even if they don’t completely understand. There was a baby on the way, my boyfriend’s very first child, the child I had envisioned giving him, having together, is now with another. My first husband and his new wife would know, my children would know, my family and friends would know. My man’s infidelity would be something I would wear on my sleeve for all to see from here on out. There is a child produced from the affair. I had no choice but to acknowledge the child, support the relationship with my boyfriend’s first born child, and show my children the act of forgiveness. Not an easy task, was not done with ease, took almost all I had in me to find this place of love for my man.