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In need of a stronger custody case for my fiance at the time, we married sooner than planned. Advised that our upcoming marriage would benefit my fiance’s custody case for his visitation rights to his son, we married.

Since we didn’t have the funds to have the wedding we wanted, big or small, we decided on the courthouse. Not our first choice since it would be my fiance’s first wedding. Even though I had the full fledge wedding with my first husband, I desperately wanted to share that with my new husband as well. We put it on hold until we could afford to do what we really wanted…so we called the courthouse.

What I heard seemed mistaken…after 7pm, they married you at the jail across the street from the courthouse…excuse me ma’am? Yes, that’s right, the jail. So we married at the jail, with one line of people lined up on the right to visit the prisoners and another line on the left to get married. There we were…at the jail…in line to be married. Excitement still ran through my veins!