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I left my first husband because my heart was not 100% whole. He was the father of my children and my high school sweetheart. Our relationship went through the natural progression of a young couple. We struggled financially, we grew a family, we built our businesses, we bought a house, we found financial freedom, we evolved into something that didn’t finish together. When I left, we had already become the typical middle class family, making it financially, raising a family, missing each other with each passing day. When I left, I reset the clock and began all over again with my new husband.

I began again to struggle financially, I began again to grow my family, I began again  to build a business…just as it had been when I was twenty, my bedroom furniture consisted of cardboard drawers. I have now begun my life all over again from leaving a man ten years older to marrying a man eight years younger.

Watching everything my first husband learned, I am now watching my new husband learn. I am again getting my underwear out of a cardboard drawer, just as when I was twenty. Can I do this again? My best friend once said, she would rather be back to cardboard drawers and be madly in love, like I was, then have the nicest triple dresser and have only half my heart still involved. I guess she’s right…so here I am, back to cardboard drawers at this stage of my life.