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Three weeks into the marriage…unexpectedly…pregnant. I was always on some form of birth control and have only ever gotten pregnant when I was planning to get pregnant. It’s not rocket science…use birth control, don’t get pregnant, don’t use birth control, get pregnant, sometime accidents happen and can be accounted for but in general, the science follows as such. So once we married, we spoke of having children. Our family consisted of my four children from my first marriage, my stepson from my husband’s infidelity…and the desire to have one of our own together. We never spoke of when, just spoke of the hope. After removing an IUD, I was told I would have three months before my cycle returned and I would ovulate again. Well, more like three days. I was pregnant within the month. We were excited! We spoke of having more even after this one was born. I wasn’t getting any younger so I was thrilled to have started our journey together.