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It took three days for me to wake up. I had the baby…healthy, wonderful, beautiful, baby boy. That’s all I remember. After about two minutes of the nurse calling the doctor back telling her there was more than normal bleeding, I was out. The doctor told me they would do a DNC to remove the pieces of the placenta she thought was the cause of the bleeding. She couldn’t have been more wrong. If it wasn’t for the persistence of an amazing nurse I wouldn’t be here today. My five children would have gone on in their lives with no mother. She told the doctor to come back and check me again, then again, then again. Every time the doctor told her it was nothing abnormal. And every time the nurse did not believe her. Every time she got the doctor back in the room and every time insisted it was more. She was right! Thank god for this persistent nurse. I owe my life to her, literally.