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I never was a free spirit who only believed in breast feeding my children, fed them wholesome organic foods, and limited technology device usage but I did take making breast milk very seriously. I understood the huge benefits of breastfeeding and wanted my children to have every advantage in this world, and breastfeeding could provide physical health benefits as well as cognitive development benefits, just to name a few. So I breastfed! Each one of my kids was breastfed, then there was the last one born. When I was released from the hospital, because of all the complications and six blood transfusions, I only had 70% of my blood. My job was to make blood, not milk but blood. But I have always been an overachiever. I didn’t take no for an answer when, in the hospital, the nurses and doctors told me not to breastfeed my baby. I worked on it, I educated myself on what would help, I rested so my body can handle the overload of making blood and milk. And I breastfeed. I worked hard to get an ounce or two…but I was making milk. And I breastfed!