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When it was time to now focus on getting my transgender daughter hormone blockers, there were hoops to be jumping through. And as her mom, I would jump through an infinity amount of them. I did my research, I joined discussion groups, I asked around on everything I needed to know about the hormone blockers for transgender youths. The first requirement was to see a therapist. I, as an adult, understand the reason behind the therapist approval is to check in with the youth and confirm that they are not “confused” or misunderstood. I, as a parent, hated that my child now has to be labeled with gender identity disorder. Disorder? Is it? Hardly…but as a parent, if I had to jump through the therapist hoop, I would. Luckily for me, I found the one therapist who specialized in transgender youths and she was fantastic. So I explained to my daughter that this was a formality, a means to an end, not something that was to define her, not a disorder to label, but just another hoop to jump through, a very necessary hoop in the transgender world. So we made an appointment to see the therapist.