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Coming home from the hospital with only 70% of my blood, the doctor did not want me to even use any energy going up the stairs to my room. But each day I gained strength and pushed a little further in order to heal. What I needed most was normalcy. I needed to do errands, to be up and about, to care for my kids, to make dinner. So my goal was to make a trip to Walmart. I had a tendency to push myself too much, too soon. Eventually I did make it to Walmart but I had to ride in the Amigo. Most people probably don’t even notice the motorized wheelchair “Amigo” at Walmart but after having to ride in it just to get around while my husband simply followed behind, I now notice it each time I enter Walmart. This was something that stayed with me, even to this day. Being less independent and having to ride the amigo at Walmart set heavy with me. I was determined to heal, rest and get out of the amigo the next time I went to Walmart. If anything pushed me more to not push myself, it was the amigo.