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When you are recovering from an extramarital affair, you often hear that your marriage will not only survive but will actually be stronger. Is the person who said this a survivor of infidelity? Is the person who said this the cheater or cheated? Is the person who said this still whole?

I have healed, I have moved forward, I have forgiven but have I forgotten? Have we become stronger? Do we trust more? I don’t think so…

I have healed partially.

I have moved forward slightly.

I have forgiven hesitantly.

I have not forgotten…

This doesn’t make me feel stronger as a spouse. This doesn’t make me feel more trusting as a partner. This has not made us more whole. It has broken a piece of me and a piece of us that will never be the same. It will never be whole again.

Can we rebuild? Yes

Can we trust again? Possibly

Can we move forward and forget? Maybe

But will we ever be the same? No